Resumé / Curriculum Vitae

Professional Artist

Paintings & Assemblages in Private and Public Collections in the USA and Switzerland
Exhibitions in Cincinnati, Ohio USA, the Canton de Vaud, Switzerland, and Singapore
Residing in Cincinnati, Ohio since May 2008
Singapore; August 2007 until April 2008
Versoix, Canton de Genève, Switzerland;
August 2003 until August 2007

B. A. Fine Arts, Purdue University, Indiana USA
Associate in Science; Information Processing Systems, University of Cincinnati; Cincinnati, Ohio USA

phone: USA +1 (513) 471 7405

All solo exhibitions except as noted.

February 2009
"The Chinese Windows"
Brutopia Coffee Company
278 Ludlow Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45220

April 2008
"Singapore Summary"
Retrospective of 9 months in Singapore.
Studio at Prosper Industrial Bldg. #09-01
22 Lorong 21A Geylang, Singapore 388429

December 2007
"My Universal Home" - Singapore Design Festival 2007
Installation included 2 Paintings and 1 Assemblage.
Group exhibition organized by Anita Nevens.
Old Supreme Court Building, Singapore

June 2007
Swiss Landscapes / Le Paysage Suisse
An Overview of 4 Years of Inspiration
Cave de la Charrue, 1291 Commugny, VAUD (Switzerland)

March 2007
La Suisse / Switzerland
Reflecting upon Switzerland
Galerie Ditzoff, 1296 Coppet, VAUD (Switzerland)

August 2006
Expo Estivale / Summer Show
Galerie Ditzoff, 1296 Coppet, VAUD (Switzerland)

April 2006
Les Montagnes / The Mountains
Paintings inspired by the Swiss Alpes and the Jura
Galerie Ditzoff, 1296 Coppet, VAUD (Switzerland)

December 2005
Sur les Tables – nature morte / On the Tables - still life
La Copétane, 1296 Coppet, VAUD (Switzerland)

September 2005
Terre Cuite – sur la terrasse / Terra Cotta – on the terrace
La Copétane, 1296 Coppet, VAUD (Switzerland)

May 2005
Tournesols Simplement / Simply Sunflowers
La Copétane, 1296 Coppet, VAUD (Switzerland)

January 2005
Les Couleurs sur la Neige / The Colors on the Snow
Winter landscapes featuring unexpected colors on the snow.
La Copétane, 1296 Coppet, VAUD (Switzerland)

July 2003
Inner City Sunflowers
Assemblages created from discarded tires, plywood, nails & screws.
Urban Eden, 1313 Main St., Cincinnati, Ohio USA

June 2003
5 Years in the Yard
A review of paintings & sculpture spanning 5 years.
the Yard, Cincinnati, Ohio USA

September 2002
Streetscapes in Clifton
Group Exhibition of chalk drawings on the street.
Clifton in Cincinnati, Ohio USA

June 2002
Summer Show II
the Yard, Cincinnati, Ohio USA

June 2001
Summer Show
the Yard, Cincinnati, Ohio USA

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Stephen JATHO

Painting, Drawing, Graphic Design, Assemblage, & Installation

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